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We are located in Novosibirsk and accept orders from anywhere in the world.

For transportation we use the most optimal transport company for the Customer, or we use the services of a courier, kittens are always delivered to the owner "from hand to hand".

In our fast-paced age, the boundaries of time and distance are washed away. There are no particular problems in the transportation of animals, thanks to which the delivery of kittens all over the world has become available.
An ideal option for both parties to the contract is a hand-to-hand transfer. But this is not always possible due to the size of continents and oceans separating us. In this case, mutually agreed courier services come to the rescue.
Whichever method we choose to deliver a kitten, it must be absolutely safe and officially approved. We try to minimize the risks of stress for the animal and its owners, as well as find the most optimal and inexpensive way to transport animals.
There are several independent or combined delivery routes, each with basic organizational and safety rules.

Car delivery.

The main rule of transporting cats in a car is the comfort of both the pet itself and the driver with passengers. The kitten should in no way impede driving and limit the driver's view.
It is recommended to transport your pet in a special container / carrier for transportation. It can be placed under your feet in the area between the front and rear seats (position the carrier across the movement) or, preferably, secured with a seat belt in the back seat of the car.

If the cat has a hard time carrying the carriage in a container, there is an option to fix it in the back seat with a harness (securely tied to the seat). This option is best used as a last resort, if the cat, for example, is panicky afraid of containers. Ideally, a courier should accompany the cat and take the back seat next to the cat. This will help to monitor the condition of the pet, control its behavior, soothe, pet, feed and water.
During the trip, never hold the cat in your arms. You can be confident in your abilities, nevertheless, any cat will break free from even the strongest hands, if it really wants to. Think for yourself what the uncontrollable behavior of a frightened cat in the car can turn out to be. She can scratch passengers, jump on the driver or on the glass. In short, try not to allow this for your own safety.
Within our country, a cat can be transported in your own car without a veterinary passport and certificates. However, it is best to keep them to yourself. To cross the border, you will definitely need a veterinary passport for your pet with up-to-date vaccination marks. Each country can put forward its own requirements for the transportation of pets. Be sure to check the requirements of the country you are visiting.


Not all carriages and not even all trains are allowed to transport pets.
The main rule before choosing a route and buying a ticket is a mandatory clarification whether it is allowed to transport animals on a specific train and in a specific carriage. Conditions for transporting pets differ depending on the carrier. Therefore, first read the conditions in detail and only then purchase a ticket. To transport your pet, you pay for your train ticket and a special baggage receipt, which will actually be the ticket for your four-legged friend. The cost of this receipt differs depending on the carrier and the class of the carriage and the distance of transportation.
If the carrier is Russian and you are traveling in Russia, then you don't need any documents for a kitten! No veterinary passport, no veterinary certificate - nothing. The only thing you need to transport your pet is a paid receipt and a strong container. But we strongly recommend keeping these documents with you at all times.
But if you cross the border, then you will need a full package of documents: a valid veterinary certificate No. 1, and a veterinary passport with up-to-date vaccinations, and most likely a chip. In this case, it is necessary to find out detailed information about the transportation of pets from the carrier and the receiving party.


Transportation of animals on an airplane around Russia and the world is a special service that is ordered when purchasing air tickets. You do not need to purchase a separate boarding pass for your pet, but you need to pay for its transportation. Whether you can take an animal with you to the cabin depends on its weight and size, as well as the rules of the carrier and the laws of the country you are traveling to. Remember that cats and dogs are more sensitive to pressure changes and noise than humans. Therefore, if it is possible to bring the pet to its destination by other means of transport, it is better not to create additional stress for it.
However, sometimes air transport is the optimal solution:

• ► when traveling long distances;

• ► if necessary, cross the ocean with your pet;

• ► when you need to get to point "b" in a short time.

Requirements for the carriage of animals on board an aircraft vary from airline to airline. Therefore, it is important to contact the carrier in advance and agree on the conditions and rules of the flight so that there is no conflict at the check-in stage. There is a veterinary service at the airports, you can ask her what documents the pet needs. Usually the list is limited to a veterinary passport with marks of vaccinations and chipping.
When choosing the type and method of transportation, use common sense and care for your pet!
We are always happy to help, with a sincere love for animals,

Your kennel Taiga heart.