Siberian Neva Masquerade Cattery
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About cattery

The history of the creation of the cattery. 
I am glad to introduce you to the Siberian cat and share the story of the creation of my Taiga Heart cattery. 
Like most of the inhabitants of the planet, I have always had cats in my family. Then we did not think at all about their origin and breed data. But they were definitely Siberians! With their characteristic dignity and charisma. And this memory of big fluffy cats smoothly turned into a passion for the breed in the future. And, when I decided to buy my first purebred cat, I seriously took up the study of all breeds, so that later I would not be disappointed in my choice. And what would you think? More than a year of search and analytics and voila! - Siberian) Only one BUT ... In a color-point color. Nevskaya masquerade cat! 
What is color-point color, how does it differ from the traditional one and why exactly “Nevskaya masquerade” can be found here. 
And so, in 2016 I got Issa View Angel (thanks to Natalia Viktorova), who is still the head of my kennel. She and I entered the collective nursery View Angel of Oksana Lupenko, who stood at the very origins of breeding Siberians, incl. Nevakov, in Novosibirsk and gave many a great start with its worthy graduates. 
But everything has its milestones and boundaries, we grow and develop, and in 2021 I registered my personal professional cattery of Siberian and Neva masquerade cats Taiga Heart ( Heart of the taiga). 
My whole family is taking part in this difficult activity, without them I would not have dared to take such a bold step.Thank you, my dears, for your patience, help and support! 
Why is it so difficult, you ask? 
 “The breeder is a masochist. He is constantly rowing poop, spending money not on himself, not getting enough sleep, not going on vacation for years, sleeping on the edge of the bed, not finding the understanding of loved ones and sometimes breaking his own heart ... "Jose Alberto Christiansen. 
Breeding is quite interesting, but at the same time, it is a very complex type of activity, which is incredibly difficult to combine with the main job. Yes, I have a job, I am an engineer, and the nursery is my soul, my leisure and my passion. And the main goal of this activity is to turn this masochism into pride) 
How cool and justified is it? Often, the investments significantly exceed the result, so the uninvolved person never dreamed of the breeder's workload. Physical and mental fatigue, when you want to give up everything, and live for yourself ... Sooner or later, everyone will face this choice - to close or continue? But this is part of you, you understand that without them you simply cannot, life will be incomplete. 
Therefore, I do not skimp on the implementation of the main idea - to make the breed better. Get the world's kitten, the most beautiful, the healthiest, the most obedient, the best) This is how the breeder lives. Idealist) 
Even in spite of the fact that resource prices are inexorably rising and biting, any success inspires, activates ideology and inspires new searches and achievements. And you do not regret anything for your pets, you get the best. 
This is where I get my inspiration from my kittens. They are my motivation, and it covers all the difficulties and risks.
So what is my goal and what am I doing here? 
I came to the breeding to have fun. But I fully understand the risks and try to choose the best solutions. I use the opportunity of all aspects of breeding paths: mix "interesting blood", look for new solutions, producers, colors, types, temperaments, select the most interesting matings, the result of which should be a generation better than the previous one. Years of breeders' work were invested in this process, and the results of exhibitions were obtained in the baggage of experience: joy of titles and excitement of victories, tears of disappointment and elation with success, pleasure and pride in the results of graduates ... 
And if you get gorgeous offspring that surpassed their producers then you are on the right track. Accepted the challenge of our time - improving the breed, and you follow this course with honor. 
I am very demanding of myself and my results, therefore I am always open to training, I regularly attend master classes and participate in webinars (the realities of our time), I buy courses in veterinary medicine, felinology, zoopsychology, etc. And, the more I study, the more I am surprised at how much I still don’t know). 
In my work with future owners, I try to find the most flexible approach to everyone, to choose a kitten individually, according to the requirements and capabilities of both. It is important to reach an understanding that taking a kitten is like giving birth to a child, a huge responsibility for decades. Not many people can fully understand it. Assess your capabilities and make an informed decision. Check with the breeder, he will help you decide. After all, a breeder is an organizer, analyst, psychologist, veterinarian, etc. Random people don't stay here. And, if you finally made up your mind, let's cooperate fruitfully!