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Cattery equipment

This article will be useful to all cat owners. Even if you have only one kitten so far, he will definitely need all the necessary accessories and supplies in the process of life.
I want to emphasize that all the care products offered for purchase are selected based on the most optimal price / quality ratio. Keeping even one kitten entails a lot of obligatory and unforeseen expenses, to say nothing of a whole cattery! Approach the arrangement of your pet's place of residence wisely, and we will help you with advice if necessary!
Let's start with the most important!
There are many forms and types, but here we will consider only those that we personally recommend for use. These are directly such products that have proven themselves well, based on the experience and feedback of many nurseries and individual owners. Even the smallest kittens are happy to immediately go to such trays without a miss. These include trays of a closed type and the so-called trays-houses.


The advantages of this type of trays is the hygiene of their installation site. When burying waste, the filler does not crumble around the entire perimeter, but remains inside the high walls. The tray is easy to maintain - the covers are easily removed, revealing full access to the contents. An integral plus is the simplicity of design and ease of processing - it washes quickly, dries quickly. DO NOT forget to disinfect the tray regularly!
Of all the variety of fillers presented on the modern market, our nursery settled on bentonite. What is bentonite? Bentonite cat litter is made up of mineral clay, which is a natural, safe substance. The filler has the appearance of small gray grains. Bentonite clay is highly hygroscopic, therefore, upon contact with cat urine, the granules get wet and turn into lumps, which are simply scooped out with a scoop.
It comes in a variety of particle size distributions from fine to coarse, but we tend to be medium. It is not as dusty as a small one, and does not irritate the paw pads like a large one. At the same time, it is quite economical.

They are also flavored and unscented. Flavored granules better interrupt unpleasant odors and spread a pleasant aroma. But, it should be borne in mind that not all cats like flavored filler, in some cases an allergic reaction may occur or the cat simply refuses to go into it. In any case, if you regularly clean the tray, there will be no unpleasant odors at all, there will be nothing to unmask.
It is also important to mention that a mixture of bentonite clay can be of a variety of colors. This feature is associated with the natural origin of the material. The color of the natural filler is formed based on the conditions in which the clay was formed, as well as on the impurities of other minerals that are part of the raw material.
Therefore, if you notice differences in the color of the filler, although you are buying a mixture from the same brand, you should not think that you have fallen for a fake. After all, the products of the same manufacturer may differ in shades.
And the most important advantage is that the mineral composition does not allow bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms to develop.
The safety of the substance is also important, bentonite filler is safe for both animals and humans.
The only minus noticed is the possibility of spreading individual grains of filler from the tray on the paws of cats. But, to combat this ailment, our next exhibitor is:
Tray mat.
Just an indispensable thing in everyday life. Firstly, he perfectly fights with spilled filler around the tray, the particles of which simply remain in the cells and do not spread further along the path of the pet.Secondly, made of polyurethane foam, it has high thermal insulation properties, due to which it is always warm on it, even on a cold floor. And cats are happy to rest on it and even sharpen their claws without causing any significant damage to its structure. Thirdly, it is very easy to clean and dries quickly. Processing and disinfection is not a problem. For all of the above reasons, such rugs are also laid under the bowls.

Remember the saying, "We are what we eat"? So, from what we eat it is important no less. Microscopic particles of the very substance of the dishes and the microflora from its pores will enter the body along with food. Therefore, we need to protect the gastrointestinal tract of our pet as much as possible from the undesirable consequences of exposure to low-quality materials.
Immediately, we note that plastic utensils on an ongoing basis can not be used! Due to its properties, plastic, even food grade, quickly breaks down and absorbs the whole range of negative environmental factors. It is impossible to sterilize it with high quality and satisfy the sanitary requirements for dishes. Therefore, we forgot about plastic dishes and use them only once in case of emergency.
  The most optimal for all these parameters are bowls made of glass or ceramics. They are inexpensive to purchase, are always presented in the market in the most diverse way and, most importantly, are fully sanitized.
It would be possible to note metal bowls, however, the statements of manufacturers about the use of food metal cannot be confirmed or refuted by household methods, therefore we will leave this choice to you. It is also worth noting that not all cats will eat and drink from a metal bowl, they may not like the taste of metal, its smell, the reflections of the walls, the sound made by metal, etc.


Pay attention to the size of the bowl - it should not be too narrow, cats do not like it when something interferes with their whiskers)
Ideally, the bowl should be fixed on the surface so that it does not move during feeding and does not cause discomfort to the cat.
Scratching post.
The cat, as a biological species, arose about 13 thousand years ago. And only for the last 100–200 years, she lives with a person on an artificial surface: carpet, smooth parquet or laminate.
Previously, cats walked and ran on hard ground or stones, grinding their claws evenly, but we remember that their claws grow constantly. Thus, their claws were constantly updated without human intervention, but in apartment conditions, the pet cannot do without the help of the owner. In addition, the claws are the so-called "weapon of the species": with their help, the cat defends itself from enemies and gets its own food. The weapon should always be in order and ready to work, that is, sharply sharpened.
When a cat sharpens its claws, it marks the territory. Scratching is a kind of “bad”, aggressive marks: the deeper the scratches and the higher they are located, the more formidable the opponent left them. This is a challenge to potential invaders of the territory.
When a cat sharpens its claws, it also kneads different muscle groups. So, waking up, the cat pulls its paws forward, spreads its claws and happily tears up, for example, a sofa. At this point, she trains the flexibility of her fingers, stretches and relaxes her back. A very useful exercise, especially if the cat was sleeping curled up.Leaving marks on vertical surfaces, the cat trains its back, hind legs (the main jumping levers), learns to keep balance - including with the help of its tail.
Do you understand now how important it is to let a cat satisfy its natural physiological needs?
Even for one small kitten, buy two or three scratching posts made of different materials, different heights and different “spatial orientations”. First, you will understand what surfaces your pet likes. Secondly, give the kitten the opportunity to develop different muscle groups. Third, provide your baby with the variety that many domestic cats lack.



It is good to have at least one scratching post in the house above human height: it is vitally important for cats to look at the world “from above”. If there are several cats, then there should be several high scratching posts (or surfaces) so that the animals do not have competition for an observation post.
I want to note that it is not necessary to have a house in the scratching post complex. Siberians have a sufficient coat of wool, and do not experience problems with freezing, so they do not tend to wrap themselves up and keep warm in a cramped corner, rather use its protective function.
Separately, I note that complexes with removable pillows have proven themselves well, they are perfectly erased and do not lose their properties in the future. You should not take complexes with artificial fur, it is very difficult to maintain, and it is an excellent dust collector with all the ensuing circumstances.
Further, throughout your life, you and your pet will decide which designs and materials he prefers more than others.
On the topic of cat grooming, material can be collected on more than one encyclopedia. This is undoubtedly an important and infinitely diverse topic, which is necessary both for everyday care, and for hygiene procedures, and for an exhibition career. And just to please the eye, you chose such a gorgeous kitten for a reason, you should get aesthetic pleasure from him! And this already depends solely on you, we have laid everything necessary for this in the nursery!
And remember, any grooming should be fun for both of you. In no case do the procedures through force or stress, spend time usefully in games.Teach him from the very beginning, do it regularly, then your handsome man will delight you with his well-groomed appearance and excellent behavior.
In this article, we will focus only on the necessary accessories.
Nail scissors.
It should be just scissors, like manicure ones. We strongly do not recommend the use of mechanical nail cutters, there is a very high probability of injuring your pet. Remember that the sharpest tip is cut off, not reaching the pink edge of the claw.

Siberian kittens, according to the WCF classification, belong to the group of semi-longhair cats, but some individuals grow chic furs to the floor. Accordingly, such wool needs careful care, especially during the molting period. By doing this, you will ease the condition of the animal and the efforts to clean the house for yourself. Brush your handsome man as often as possible, do not allow the formation of tangles. Let the comb be always at hand, for example, on the back of the sofa, then the combing process will be only a joy for everyone.
Never use a furminator! You will ruin the cat's coat.
I recommend a long-toothed slicker comb and an odd-toothed comb.


An indispensable tool for removing excess undercoat, without affecting the outer coat, and stimulating the skin is a silicone glove. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and how cats love this massage!

The most important thing to remember when bathing a cat is to use cat cosmetics. You can’t use human care products, we have different skin ph with cats, serious harm can be done.
The main means are a paste or gel for degreasing, shampoo (specialized if necessary), conditioner for styling and prolonging the effect of cleanliness. Which of the manufacturing companies to choose, decide based on your financial capabilities, since the market provides lines from economy to elite class.
The technology of bathing cats is best learned directly from a professional groomer. Take courses, or purchase an individual lesson, where you will be told in detail the features of working with your type of wool, they will recommend suitable products, and show you the technology of working with animals. There are many nuances, you will get to know them in the process of further training, but you need to know the basics so as not to harm yourself.
I sincerely wish you to know the beauty of caring for your pet!
Let him please you with his appearance and character, and you get true satisfaction from this!
Don't forget also about fluffs, toys and interactives for kittens. They diversify the life of the pet, and you will bring incomparable pleasure of watching these wonderful creatures of nature!


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